Rides and Routes

All EHCT routes start from Schreiner University in Kerrville and some participants arrange to meet up here. Several distance options are offered each day and there should be something for everyone. There are no mass starts so make new friends or meet up with old ones and ride at your own pace.

Rest stop hours will be on the maps and are planned based on 8:00 a.m. start. Please plan your ride so that you will be able to make it to the rest stops before the posted closing times. Links to online maps will be provided to registered riders prior to the event.

Details of individual rides will be posted as we confirm them.

The Texas Hill Country occupies the eastern half of the Edwards Plateau. The countryside is characterized by hilly, arid terrain populated by cedar, mesquite, and live oak trees. A number of rivers and creeks have sliced the Plateau as they flow generally southeasterly down to the Gulf of Mexico. Roads along the river valleys tend to be flat with gentle slopes; roads that cross the valleys and ridges often entail short, steep climbs. These routes also include the best vistas!

Originally populated by a number of Native American groups, most of this part of Texas was first settled by Europeans in the 1840 – 1870 period. Throughout the Hill Country, riders will enjoy the diverse history of the area, a blend of Hispanic and Central European cultures (primarily German, Czech and Polish).

There will be three navigational methods provided for the 2019 Easter Hill Country Tour –

1) Paper maps and cue sheets will be included in Registration Packages distributed at packet pick-up in Kerrville. Note that the links to electronic versions (see below) will also include pdf versions of the maps
2) On-route directions: Color-coded arrows matching the paper maps will be placed on the roads before and at all turns. Note that in case of rain, these can be washed away and in that case the paper maps and cue sheets should be considered your most reliable information.
3) We will provide links to routes on ridewithgps.com (RwGPS) to registered participants via email. RwGPS does not require users to register or pay any additional fees, freely permits downloading gpx & tcx format files to multiple GPS-compatible cycling computers and is easy to update if/when routes change. Accompanying the links will be detailed instructions on use. Be patient with us if there are any hiccoughs! Bike Austin requests that you do not share any of these links with others so that everyone on the road and using the rest stops at EHCT 2019 is a paid registrant.